Context & Orientation

The neglect of Humanities, Social Science and Arts and their marginalisation are global phenomena, but African governments are particularly strident in their denigration of these disciplines. The damage has been deep and widespread resulting in a generalised impoverishment of infrastructure and human resources in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Arts. Our approach is not to wallow in futile complaint about the ongoing conditions. Instead, we intend using our agency to revitalise our disciplines across the continent by research which draws creative sustenance from the roots of actively engaged scholarship. The AHA makes a claim for the utility of the Humanities, Social Sciences and Arts in the resolution of the many challenges facing the continent. We are convinced that addressing the social problems of the continent must be informed by a profound self-understanding inspired by ongoing studies of the histories and cultures of African societies. Research lies at the heart of these efforts. Instead of sticking to stultifying disciplinary silos and national borders our emphasis is on cooperation and collaboration across both disciplines and countries.


To encourage excellence in humanities research and its relevance to intellectual and societal development in Africa;
To introduce and coordinate various mentoring opportunities and workshops involving interactions between established and emerging scholars;
To facilitate forums for intellectual exchanges and collaborative research on African humanities;
To support the publication of cutting-edge research through the African Humanities Series and other appropriate publication outlets;
To cooperate with other relevant organisations towards the promotion of humanities scholarship in Africa.