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Prof. Kwesi Yankah’s Memoir "The Pen At Risk: Spilling my little beans" Chronicles a Life of Literary Brilliance.

The Ghana Academy of Arts and Science was recently abuzz with excitement as the esteemed Professor Kwesi Yankah unveiled his latest literary masterpiece, a memoir entitled "The Pen At Risk: Spilling my little beans." 

The event, presided over by the venerable Dr. Sam Jonah, saw a gathering of notable figures from politics, media and academia, including some members of the African Humanities Association, led by its Chairperson, The Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Prof. Nana Aba Appiah Amfo.

Prof Amfo with some members of the University of Ghana
Prof Amfo and the University of Ghana Team with Prof Yankah

In an interview with the media, Professor Kwesi Yankah shared the inspiration behind his compelling memoir. He expressed a profound desire to provide a detailed account of the turbulent times of the past, juxtaposed with the realities of contemporary society. Through "The Pen At Risk," Yankah endeavors to weave a narrative that takes readers on a journey through the annals of Ghana's history, shedding light on pivotal events spanning from the military regimes to the establishment of the Fourth Republic.

Initial reviews of the memoir rate the learned Professor’s penmanship as excellent. 

Dr. Mensa Otabil describes “The Pen at Risk” as “a thrill ride in which emotions peak in celebration of heroes and drop at the unmasking of a tyrant here, a hypocrite there, in government and in academia” while Prof Audrey Gadzekpo says it “offers up a slice of Ghanaian social history while reminding us of the enduring power of the written word”

Dr. Sam Jonah, who chaired the event, delivered high praise for Yankah's literary prowess. He described "The Pen At Risk" as a beautifully crafted work that showcases Yankah's storytelling skills. The memoir seamlessly blends personal anecdotes with incisive social commentary, resulting in a narrative that captures the imagination and leaves a lasting impression. Jonah emphasized that this book is a must-read for anyone interested in gaining insight into the transformative power of education and the remarkable fruits of unwavering determination.

Another glowing review came from H Kwasi Prempeh, the Executive Director of CDD-Ghana. Prempeh hailed Yankah's memoir as yet another magisterial work from one of our era's pre-eminent public intellectuals and literary scholars. Through this memoir, readers have the privilege of gaining a deeper understanding of the man behind pseudonyms such as "Abonsam Fireman," "Woes of a Kwatriot," and "Speaking for the Chief." Yankah's storytelling brilliance shines through as he takes readers on a ringside journey through his life, recounting stories, influences, travels, and experiences, dating back to his childhood. Prempeh lauded Yankah's “well-honed mastery in drawing out the colour and essence of trivia”, which permeates every page of this captivating memoir. He, too, underscored that "The Pen At Risk" is a must-read for all.

Professor Kwesi Yankah's memoir promises to be a remarkable addition to the world of literature, offering readers a compelling narrative that spans generations of Ghana's history. Through personal anecdotes, historical reflections, and evocative storytelling, "The Pen At Risk: Spilling my little beans" stands as a testament to Yankah's prodigious talent as a scholar and writer. This memoir is certain to leave an indelible mark on its readers, inspiring a deeper appreciation for the power of words and the resilience of the human spirit. It is, without a doubt, a literary gem that should not be missed by anyone interested in the rich tapestry of Ghana's intellectual and literary heritage.

About the Author.

Prof. Yankah is a fellow of both the Ghana and American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He has previously authored among other books ''Speaking for the Chief'' which won the Gold Book Award of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences. 

He also served as Minister of State In Charge of Tertiary Education.