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Accra, Ghana

Call for Application Manuscript Development  Workshop (Ghana) April 16-21, 2023

ahplegon@acls.orgThis five-day workshop, of intensive engagement between mentees and mentors in both group sessions and during individual interaction, will focus on unpublished articles in linguistics that speak to, or are accessible to, Humanities scholars in other disciplines. This initiative is intended to publish articles that seek to build bridges between linguists and other scholars in the Humanities (defined as studies of history, language, or culture that employ qualitative research approaches). Articles in sociolinguistics, pragmatics, applied linguistics and related subdisciplines seem the most likely candidates for this initiative, but more technical work might also be eligible if it contains:

  • A clear argument (which is defined as containing an assertion about an important issue with which one can agree or disagree)

  • A context and a problem that are intelligible and intriguing to non-specialists in linguistics.

Topics that focus on ‘pure’ or ‘hard’ linguistics such as “An Optimality Account of Vowel Harmony in Bantu”, or “A Transformational Generative Grammar of Akan Relative Clauses” are not likely to make sense to the larger Humanities audience. Similarly, basic descriptive work with a documentation angle needs to provide a context and an argument that may bear on the broader contested / contestable questions of such description / documentation – e.g. the need, viability, and ‘correctness’ of the endeavor.


The MDW is an intensive, collegial editing workshop that provides a conducive venue for improving one’s piece of writing as well as an exchange of constructive ideas with other participants.


All interested Fellows should submit expressions of interest consisting of

  • A one-page abstract (500 word maximum) for a journal article that has not yet been published.

  • A letter of motivation stating how the topic and approach proposed might bridge the gap between technical linguistics and more general Humanities discourse.


10th January 2023 Preliminary commitment to apply

31st January 2023 Full application package


All Fellows who have met all fellowship reporting obligations.


Completed application forms will be subject to a rigorous selection process to identify eligible applicants whose draft manuscripts are considered as having potential to be a worthy and valuable addition to the African Humanities Series with the ultimate aim of publishing a book in the AHA Series of publications. Once invited to participate in the MDW, the Fellow must submit the article before the start of the workshop.

All applicants will be notified of the successful applications by February 10th, 2023

Note that the AHA series of publications is deliberately designed to promote cross-disciplinary dialogue within the Humanities in Africa. If your article does not fit into the series, it does not mean that it is a bad article. It might well be publishable in other outlets with a different focus. A list of the books so far published in the AHP/AHA series may be accessed at

The AHP/AHA Manuscript Development Workshop is scheduled to take place in Accra in April 2023. The five-day program will include group seminars and individual consultations. Twenty Fellows and five AHP mentors will critique the draft book chapters submitted by the Fellows to help them prepare their draft manuscripts for possible publication.


Applications for the workshop must be submitted as follows:

Preliminary written commitment to apply by 10th January 2023

  • Written confirmation of availability for the duration of the proposed dates.

  • A letter of motivation stating how the topic and approach proposed might bridge the gap between technical linguistics and more general Humanities discourse

  • Written confirmation that all AHP fellowship reporting conditions have been met (both the mid-term and final reports have been submitted).

  • Working title of the draft chapter.

Full application package by 31st January 2023 (Late submissions will not be accepted!)

  • A completed and signed application form which must consist of:

  • The working title of the draft book chapter based either on research work completed during the AHP fellowship period or other work

  • The full text of the draft chapter

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